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Did you buy your iPhone, looking for free apps for immediate download? For those who are looking for the answer to this question, we will examine all kinds of free programs one by one in their fields. We won’t go too far into alternative options as we review these apps. Since the applications we have listed are already the best in their field, you will not turn to the others too much.

We will categorize the best free applications for iPhone, if you are looking for the best map application or chat application, you can choose from the relevant category and quickly find what you are looking for. I am not very ambitious about games, after all, the games may differ from person to person, but we will still list the best games in their fields here.

1.Best Map or Navigation App

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1.1 Google Maps

GPS and location services are features that we constantly use on our phone. If you’re looking for a map or navigation app on your new iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. Google maps currently ranks first in the world in terms of quality and usability. Although Apple uses its own map application, this application is far behind Google Maps. You can log in with your Google account, sync your data from other devices you have used before, and continue where you left off.

1.2 Yandex Navigation

Yes, there is no doubt that Yandex Navigation is the second most used navigation application after Google Maps in our country. So what is this Yandex Navigation? With this application, you can learn traffic information up-to-date and quickly. With an up-to-date database like Google Maps and its ever-growing network, it must be on your phone, especially if you live in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara. Yandex Navigation also prevents any traffic, accident, etc. It is an application that you can follow instantly by many people, with bubbles that help you notify or be aware of other people in the relevant region.

2.Best Weather Apps

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The topic of best weather apps probably sounds a bit silly because there are close to a million weather apps developed for iOS. Apple has its own weather application, but if it is not enough for you or if you do not like it enough, you can download the applications in our recommendations for free and start using it.

2.1 AccuWeather Weather

AccuWeather Weather application is preferred by many people in the world and even the most used weather application according to official data. Of course, the biggest reason for this is that the weather conditions are stable and generally accurate. 1.5 billion people a day rely on AccuWeather to learn what weather conditions their day will be in.

2.2 Yahoo Weather

One of the big companies developing Weather app for iOS in Yahoo. It has a stabilized application and is preferred by many people. If you want a colorful and good weather interface, you can download Yahoo Weather. Like AccuWeather on Yahoo, it provides detailed information such as wind, pressure, precipitation, and also provides us with an animated sunrise, sunset or winds with a beautiful interface. You can also get information about how the weather will be during the day by turning on the notifications. Let’s not forget that the Yahoo Weather application received a Design Award by Apple in 2020.

3.Best Storage, Cloud (Cloud) apps

3.1 Dropbox

Dropbox cloud storage system is the most used popular application in the world. It can work on all your devices or your iPhone too. It automatically uploads the photos or videos you take to its memory, and this stores your gallery in the system for you if you want to reset your phone in the future or when your phone is broken. Of course, Dropbox is free to download, but if you need a lot of space, it’s paid just like any other app. It might even be the most expensive cloud storage app on AppStore.

3.2 Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage system that has been my favorite lately. The reason for this is, of course, the producer company and its price. With Google Drive, you can purchase 100 GB of additional storage for 5.70 TL per month or 57.99 TL per year. That’s a pretty great price, so if you have to buy the same storage space with Dropbox, you’ll probably get around 500 TL per year.

3.3 OneDrive

OneDrive, a cloud storage application developed by Microsoft, is available for free for Microsoft 365 users. If you frequently use applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and frequently switch between your devices, OneDrive may be the best storage application for you.

4.Best Messaging Apps

4.1 Whatsapp

Online messaging app acquired by Facebook for $16 billion. Whatsapp is the largest chat and messaging application in the world today. I hope you have quickly installed this application, which is used by almost every person in our country, on your new iPhone.

4.2 Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an app with stabilization problem. Although it is not preferred by many people due to its slow application interface, you can make free calls, record voice messages, and a messaging application that becomes fun with stickers.

4.3 Snapchat

Snapchat application that is frequently used by young people. If you are young and your messages become boring in other applications, you can choose Snapchat. You can be aware of what celebrities are doing with Snapchat, which is the last refuge of young people not being used by all age groups.

5.Best Social Networking Apps

5.1 Twitter

Twitter is a free social networking application that you can download if you want to be informed quickly about what is happening in the country or the world, although the number of users is not necessarily as high as Facebook or Instagram. Unlike other networks, Twitter is referred to as a more serious application. You can follow the agenda even if you don’t want to tweet.

5.2 Facebook

It is undoubtedly the most used Social Media tool in the world, thanks to Facebook, an application that has turned the world upside down, and the company’s crazy projects. Incorporating other platforms, Facebook has completely taken over the dominance of social networks. You can be aware of your friends and followers by using this application that you can use for free.

5.3 LinkedIn

Although there are not many users in our country, it is an application where companies officially go on a talent hunt and spend time to fill vacancies in the professional business world. If you want to work in any sector using your skills or education, you can download the LinkedIn application for free and create your profile.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible