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So, is Google Maps the best map and navigation app for you? If for some reason you are looking for a different app, you have come to the right place. here are some Google Maps alternatives you can check out.



Google Maps is OpenStreetMap’s equivalent to Wikipedia

 . The data used in OpenStreetMap is derived from humans, which means that people like you and us help provide data on the map. This data contributes to GPS devices, weather, and more.

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It may not come with fancy features like Google Maps. It is a simple and lightweight map service that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a browser, even from your smartphone.

Apple Maps



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Apple Maps was Apple’s attempt to create its own app for Google Maps. While the service had a pretty rough start with various bugs and glitches, it has high downloads of its own. It differs between Apple Maps and Google Maps in the ability to show weather on a map.

Since Apple Maps uses vector graphics, it is said to consume less data compared to Google Maps. So if you’re overseas with a limited data plan, this can be very important. Apple Maps also has integration with Siri. So if you’re on an iOS device and enjoy using digital assistants, this can also be an important point to consider.




Technically, Waze is owned by Google. Like everyone else, you might think that Google’s Waze will be an additional feature to Google Maps. While Google Maps is slowly gaining Waze-like features, Waze still has many features that make it unique enough to stand on its own. Construction work on the roads, police barricades, accidents etc. If you want to be aware of things like this application is very useful to you.

Waze also prioritizes choosing the fastest route possible, so Waze may be a better navigation and mapping app compared to Google Maps.




People use Google Maps for different reasons. Some for driving, some for public transport information. If you usually use it for the latter, Citymapper can be a good alternative. The application is mostly aimed at those who use public transport services such as buses, trams, trains and more.

It even displays information such as ticket pricing and is constantly updated to ensure users are provided with the latest and most relevant information.



One of ‘s features is similar to Google Maps, where users can download maps for offline viewing. It is almost the same as Google Maps in terms of features such as traffic information, public transport information, bike. It also works great for hiking as it will show you various hiking trails from all over the world. So it can also be used to find hiking trails if you’re in another country.

Bing Maps



Like Apple, Microsoft has its own version of Bing Maps similar to the Google Maps implementation. It uses an entirely different interface that some might argue is better and more modern than Google Maps. In addition, I can save places to my personal library to go back to later

Many consider Bing Maps to be a more “real” and direct competitor to Google Maps, but the downside at this point is that it’s not a standalone app for iOS or Android.

Here WeGo



Here WeGo may be a map service for those long-time techies that you may remember from the good old days. It was owned by Nokia in the early 2000s before being acquired by a consortium of automakers that included Audi, BMW and Daimler.

One of the unique aspects of Here WeGo is the variety of sources it gets its data from. For example, from police reports, cameras, Twitter feeds, speed cameras, etc. It can pull data, and all this helps their calculations and suggestions of routes for drivers to take.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible