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Android users must be familiar with the name root. Rooting is one of the processes to open access to the Android system so that we can freely modify it. Everyone has different goals when it comes to rooting, some want to improve performance, change the appearance, remove default applications, and others.

In addition to these various needs, we can also install special applications for rooted Android devices. These best Android root apps offer a variety of functionalities that will make your device even more sophisticated. What are the applications?

10 Best Android Root Applications For Various Cellphones

1. Full!Screen

If you have an Android device that uses soft keys on the screen, then the Full!Screen application will be very helpful. Full!The screen is an application that will hide the soft key so that the screen display becomes wider. In addition, this application can also hide the notification bar from your screen.

If everything is hidden, then the screen resolution will be wider and not taken up by the soft key. You can now play games with a wider screen without being distracted by soft keys.

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2. GooManager

Next up is the official app from called GooManager. This application has many uses, one of which is to find and install files from Its interface is very simple so you will have no trouble finding the files you need.

This GooManager application can also be used to download custom ROMs and Google Apps that are suitable for your device. Interestingly, with this application you can also reboot directly into Recovery or flash ROM without using recovery.

3. Tasker

The next best Android root app is Tasker. This Tasker application will help you a lot in your daily activities. The reason is, that almost everything can be done by this one application.

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With this application you can run various programs on Android automatically. For example, you can set Tasker to automatically play music when you connect headphones. Very interesting isn’t it?

4. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is a must-have application for rooted Android device owners. There are many features offered by this application, one of which is the feature to easily install ClockworkMod Recovery.

Apart from installing CWM Recovery, other features that ROM Manager has to include finding the right ROM for your device, installing ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, making Nandroid backups, and more. Some of these features are available for free and some are paid.

5. Superuser

Superuser is an application created by Koushik Dutta who is also the creator of ROM Manager. This Superuser app seems to be there for sure if you’re rooted. The reason is that the application functions as a giver of permission for other applications that want to access root.

For example, when you run one of the above applications for the first time, your screen will appear asking for permission to access root from Superuser. There you can grant permission or deny root access permission to the app. You can also revoke these permissions whenever you want.

6. Juice Defender Ultimate

If you are an Android user who often has problems with wasting battery, then the Juice Defender Ultimate application can be the answer. Juice Defender Ultimate is an application that will save the battery power usage of your Android device.

This application does its job by managing Android connectivity. Usually when the Android screen turns off, the internet connection will also be turned off immediately. As we know, internet connection is one of the main causes of wasteful Android battery.

In addition to managing the connection, you can also adjust the CPU settings so that it doesn’t consume too much battery power. When all these settings are combined properly, you can save battery power for hours.

7. ROM Toolbox Pro


ROM Toolbox Pro is an application that is quite similar to ROM Manager, but with more complete features. This application can be called the Swiss Knife of users of rooted Android devices.

With this app you can do various things like download ROMs, install recovery, manage apps, and more. In fact, this application also provides its own file explorer application like the Root Explorer application. For those of you who are already adept at modifying the Android system, features such as kernel tweaks are also available in it.

8. Greenify

This next application is certainly familiar among Android users. As we all know, many Android applications run on their own in the background without us knowing it. These apps can drain battery power, turn on the device, and cause various other problems. Well, this Greenify application will fix these problems.

The way these application works is quite simple, first it will analyze the running application and how long the application is running. Furthermore, Greenify will provide recommendations on what applications are worth turning off. By turning off these various applications, you can save battery while improving Android performance.

9. Root Explorer

Having a rooted Android device will not be complete without the presence of the Root Explorer application. Yes, Root Explorer is a file manager application that can access and modify various files on the Android system.

Therefore, this application becomes very vital for those of you who like to oprek-oprek the Android system. The reason is, almost all modification activities will require access to certain files. The appearance of Root Explorer itself is very simple because it is more oriented to function than appearance.

10. Titanium Backup

It seems that no one can argue that Titanium Backup is an application that must be present on every rooted Android device. The main function of this application is to perform backups. However, this application also has many other features related to application management.

Titanium Backup can freeze apps, prevent them from running, move apps and more. In addition, Titanium Backup can also move or delete default applications that are considered useless and only consume memory capacity.

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By Lucas Cleto

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