Elevate is very popular among apps that can help you get rid of laziness and improve your focusing skills. Thanks to the application in English, you can improve yourself in many different areas. In the app, there are many activities designed to improve skills such as grammar, reading and listening that will be beneficial for your English speaking skills. Games that will be beneficial for spelling rules and vocabulary areas can also be counted among the functional features of the application.

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One of the most important features of the Elevate application is that it offers users a personalized training process.

In this way, you will be able to improve yourself in the areas you need. With the Elevate application, which draws attention with its functional interface design, you can take your visual intelligence or numerical skills to the next level as well as your communication skills. In the app you can find many exercises aimed at increasing the processing speed and training different parts of your brain. The focus and value comparison exercises included in the Elevate app will also help you improve your mental capacity. You can find the application, which is appreciated for its fun, from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.


Another application that will help you improve your intelligence is Lumosity. There are many activities and games in the app to increase your problem solving ability. This application can be useful for you, especially if you want to improve yourself in attention. In the application that will help you strengthen your memory, you can also select the areas you want to progress. The wide content that allows you to focus on many different mental activities also increases the functionality of the application.

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Thanks to the enjoyable games and activities of the application, it is possible to both do mental gymnastics and have fun.

Mental activities and memory enhancing games can be challenging for some. Especially if you have a structure that gets bored quickly, adding some fun to the job will make the process more attractive and enjoyable. The fun numerical puzzles and intriguing logic questions in the Lumosity app also allow you to easily focus on the activities. You can also see how much progress you have made every day by playing games designed to keep your memory sharp and improve your creative thinking ability. The scores given by the application also allow you to see your development process and be better motivated. You can download this mind-opening application from both Google Play Store and App Store.


In the Memorado application, you can find activities related to topics such as logic and mathematics, as well as games that will improve your concentration and speed skills. There are many different levels in the games included in the application that help you sharpen your intelligence. Don’t be intimidated by the increasingly difficult levels, there are also many fun games in the app. The Memorado application offers users professionally designed brain teasers. In this way, it is possible to strengthen your memory with an efficient and enjoyable process.


You will see many functional details in the Memorado application, which offers a practical user experience with its functional interface. The application, which allows you to decide in which areas you want to improve your memory, can be easily personalized in this way. It will also be possible to experience a more efficient use process with the application that produces a statistical breakdown of the activities performed. While improving memory and mind, working in a planned way makes your job easier and shortens your time to success. You should never compromise by creating a regular study plan to take yourself one step further in areas such as math, logic and memory. You can find this fun and functional application on Google Play Store and App Store.

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD offers games that can sharpen the mind and entertain at the same time. You can contribute to the strengthening of your intelligence by using the application, which has many sections such as logic, mathematics and memory, on a daily basis. Whichever application you choose, you should not forget the importance of regular work.

Just like physical training, mental training will be efficient if it is done in a planned and programmed way.

The brain is a very complex organ. It is also very difficult to form clear sentences about how we can develop this mysterious structure, about which we have limited knowledge. Therefore, we cannot say that we have conclusive evidence that intelligence enhancement practices work. However, we see that the experiences and comments of users of the applications are generally positive. If you want to do a detailed research, you can take a look at the comments on the platforms where the applications are downloaded.

Ideal for spending time productively and entertainingly

The idea of ​​using the smartphone to improve memory sounds great, doesn’t it? We already spend hours playing games and apps on smartphones. Smartphone use should not be limited to just surfing social media, taking photos or playing games. It can be really helpful to dedicate some of these hours to intelligence-enhancing practices. Reading articles, following informative blogs and watching lecture videos also allow you to use the smartphone efficiently.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible