File, photo, video sharing; Thanks to many features such as rich emoji support and status notifications, messaging applications are experiencing their golden age.

With mobile data usage becoming more common and cheaper, everyone with a smartphone uses at least one or two of the popular messaging apps. Some of these applications, which offer the opportunity to communicate quickly and practically with many people such as family, close friends and colleagues, also help protect personal data with end-to-end data encryption. There are some messaging apps that have more than one billion users. How about taking a closer look at these applications?


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Telegram application, which has millions of users, calls itself the “fastest and most practical” messaging application. The software, which is suitable for mobile and desktop use, makes it possible for users to message independently from the phone. The application, where you can store the chat archives in the cloud storage, also draws attention with the fact that it does not impose a size limit on the shared files. Paying great attention to the security of user data, Telegram also offers optionally more qualified encryption possibilities, the minimum of which is 256-bit AES.

The application, which allows photo and video editing along with Sticker, GIF support, is astonishing with the group chat that it supports up to 100,000 people. The application, which serves free of charge and does not show ads, also draws attention with its open-source code.


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The WeChat application, which draws attention with its more than 700 million users, especially in China; It offers services such as photo and video sharing and video calling. Unlike other messaging applications, it informs users who are close to each other about this situation with its “Friend Radar, People Nearby, Shake” features and increases their communication opportunities. Thanks to Android Wear and Apple Watch support, it also opens the door to more practical uses.


The Google Hangouts application is offered to users as standard with most Android phones. Android phone users can practically make Hangouts connections through the Google account installed on the phone. In addition to iOS support, computer users can easily connect to the application. Without the need to install any software on the computer, it is possible to communicate with Hangouts links on the screen where the Gmail account is located. As with other messaging applications, photo sharing, GIF support, video calls, and conference calls can be easily performed with Hangouts. Backed by Google, the application is used by many as Android’s standard messaging software.

Google ALLO

Google’s newest messaging app comes out as ALLO. This application should not be viewed as just a messaging tool. Backed by artificial intelligence, ALLO promises users beyond messaging. The software, which works in integration with the Google Assistant application, is included in the conversations and can provide various information. ALLO, which is also used in the iOS operating system, also allows Apple users to benefit from the assistant application. Like other messaging apps, it offers photo, video sharing, sticker and emoji support. Google Assistant, which serves like Siri and Cortana, thus becomes a part of conversations.


The application, which is installed very easily and is immediately ready for use, has over one billion users.

The application also supports video calls and voice calls; It supports sharing places, people, documents and photos. The 100 MB file limit for document sharing does not allow sending large files. Having more sharing options requires more permissions when working on smartphones. The popular messaging application, which recently offers end-to-end encryption and GIF sharing support, can also be easily used on computers connected to the Internet, thanks to the WhatsApp Web application. The application serves free of charge; It also supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

Facebook Messenger

Founded by the boy genius Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook uses its own messaging app. Although it is far from its former glory, Messenger is still being used. In the application, where existing friends on Facebook are automatically added to the contact list, it is also possible to connect with different people optionally. The application, which draws attention with its free sticker and GIF packages, seems to perform well in video calls. The profile photo of the person being spoken to on smartphones can be found on all applications and, if desired, offers the opportunity to message without leaving the screen where the action is taken. Offering end-to-end encryption support, the program states that it secures user data in this way.


Snapchat, which is frequently used by young users and celebrities, has attracted attention with the increasing number of users recently.

The application, known for its photos and videos that are automatically deleted after a certain period of time, differs from other messaging applications in this respect.

The fact that the shared photos and videos are not recorded allows users to share more freely and be funny. People who take on many characters on their photos with their unique filters find the opportunity to share their fun moments with their loved ones. Supporting photo editing besides filter options, the application provides information about the locations of nearby friends with the help of Snap map. Thanks to Shazam support, Snapchat can find out who owns the song playing around you.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible