After WhatsApp’s announcement, many people on social media began to praise the messaging application called Signal. Signal, which can be downloaded for free and has end-to-end encryption, can securely share files and photos along with text, voice, video chat, video chat and phone call. 

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The biggest advantage of Signal, which uses the Signal Messaging Protocol, one of the most secure messaging protocols on the market at the moment, takes the least possible data from the user while doing these. Signal, which can access less personal information of the user compared to WhatsApp, records the user’s phone number, the date and time he signed up for Signal, and the last time he logged into the system. 

If you are one of those who use messaging applications, especially for video and photo chats, you will need a lot of memory on your mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE can be a good choice in this regard with its 256 GB memory capacity.

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In Signal, your connections, the groups you communicate with or the groups you are a member of are kept encrypted on your device. In this way, even Signal employees cannot access your data unless they pick up the phone and open it. 

Finally, we think that some of the names that use Signal should be counted… Edward Snowden, one of the actors of the WikiLeaks scandal, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk are some of the names that suggested Signal. 

Signal has applications compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It is also worth remembering that Signal has special applications for devices with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. 


Telegram is another prominent alternative for those who want to avoid WhatsApp. Telegram, which had a large number of users before WhatsApp’s data release caused panic among users, is a cloud-based application and allows you to use it on different devices at the same time. 

Telegram, which needs much less user data than WhatsApp, also does not transfer this data to social sharing platforms such as Facebook. The only point Telegram lags behind WhatsApp is the saving of data on a server. Therefore, you should use most of your private chats as “Secret Chat”. If you want your conversations or files to remain private, it is useful to keep this mode on while using the Telegram application. 

Telegram can be used on smart devices with Android and iOS operating systems, as well as with Windows, Linux and Mac OS  . It should be noted that Telegram is free. 


Wire is one of the applications that those who escaped WhatsApp wonder about. Wire, which was developed especially for businesses, also has an application called Wire Personal, developed for the end user. Wire Personal, an open source and end-to-end encrypted software, is completely free to use. 

Wire requests some data from users, but it is very difficult to compare the requested data with WhatsApp. You can pair Wire, which requires an e-mail address or phone number to become a member of the system, with an e-mail you do not use or an e-mail account that you will open only for this platform. In this way, you will not give your personal mobile phone number. 

 If the number of users of the app, which runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS as well as on smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS, like other alternatives to WhatsApp, it could be a popular option in the long run.


Discord, an online chat platform developed for players, has become a rival of both Slack and WhatsApp with the recent events. 

You can add your friends according to their usernames by clicking on the “Friends” tab of Discord, a server-based messaging application that stands out from its competitors with its new features over time.

Chatting with smartphones is inedible when it comes to huge screens. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, which has a 6.7-inch retina display, fits the description with both its performance and screen quality.

You can also share audio, text, video and photos on Discord, where you can make personal messages, group chat and group calls. You can also set up your own server in Discord, where you can create group chats with up to 10 friends. 

The most important point where Disscord differs from Signal and Telegram is that it does not ask you for your name, phone number or e-mail address. You can use Discord on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux 


Contrary to the applications we mentioned above, you have to sacrifice some money to use Threema, which was developed in Switzerland… Probably because it is paid, Threema, which has fewer users than other alternatives, offers high security and privacy on the other hand. 

If you do not want your personal data to be used by third parties or applications, Threema is exactly the option you want. Because when using Threema, you are completely hidden. Threema, which creates a random ID, does not use any data that needs to be identified by the user. Using end-to-end encryption technology, Threema never keeps the messages you share on its server. 

Threema, which has a platform for desktop computers as well as Android and iOS devices  , has recently switched to open source software and these codes are regularly audited. This means that “The company does not store your data in any way”. The app also has separate settings for businesses and education. 

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible