What is Digital Minimalism? Today, there is a huge bond between us and technology. We have had so many digital habits that our needs have changed completely. In this period, we cannot go from one place to another without internet access or we avoid entering the environment without internet. In fact, a new generation of technology addicts is growing up, who can’t communicate, have trouble concentrating, and have difficulties in understanding.
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Even though we sometimes stay away from all technological tools, we do not drop it all day the next day. In short, we are now more than necessary to technology, and more technology than necessary is now harming us. Another technology-related event is digital minimalism. What is digital minimalism? What can we do within the scope of digital minimalism? We answered many questions such as: We wish you pleasant reading. 

What is Digital Minimalism? 

Digital minimalism is a philosophical perspective that makes you question which digital communication tool in your life adds the most value to your life  . It is necessary to eliminate the digital pollution that you do not use much in your life and does not affect your life too much. This type of minimalism is based on this belief. In short, it emerged as a sub-branch of minimalism. In its target, it carries the philosophy of simplification of digital use. 

The concept of digital minimalism was first coined by Cal Newport. Cal Newport explained how useful digital minimalism is, by giving examples from the life of minimalists and giving examples from the applications he used. Cal Newport’s aim in introducing the concept of digital minimalism aimed at the importance of which tool, for what purpose and when to use without denying the benefits of digital tools. 

We use technology-related tools in many parts of our lives. Some are of great use to us, while others are of no use at all. For example, we will see many applications that we do not even use on our phone and that do not benefit us. These redundant applications  create a digital pollution  . 

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What Can Be Done Within the Scope of Digital Minimalism Philosophy? 

  • You can delete the applications that you see as redundant and that you do not use on your phone. 
  • Sometimes, unsolicited mails may come to your e-mail. Update the post settings to prevent this. 
  • You may receive messages that you do not want to see on your phone from boutiques, brands or different addresses that you are a member of. Try to make sure they don’t come. 
  • Apply digital minimalism by deleting any extra apps on your computer   . 
  • Simplify and replace the background on your phone or computer with a simpler one. 
  • While taking a photo, we take thousands of photos from the same frame. You can edit photos in your gallery or on your computer, and delete photos from the same pose. 
  • While doing work, you may be distracted for different reasons. For this, you can pre-determine the times when you will do business.
  • You can get new activities away from technology.
  • Some applications can be good for you in a positive way. You can have a good time by dedicating only a certain part of the day to such applications.
  • You can delete unnecessary and useless applications. 
  • You can get away from the digital environment by thinking about activities that you can spend time with your friends or family. 
  • Finally, if you are a phone addict like everyone else, you can set small hours during the day when you need to look at your mobile phone. 
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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible