Here are 08 technological developments that will change the world.

08 New Technological Inventions That Will Change Our Lives

1. Internet of Things

10-new-technological-inventions that will-change our lives
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Today, most things, including people, are connected to the internet. Also, the installation of IPv6 IP addressing has created billions of new addresses for everything around us. This creates the opportunity for endless connection. Cisco IBSG predicts that by 2020, the number of objects connected to the IoT (Technology of Things) will reach 50 billion. In the developed world, every person currently has at least 3 devices with which they can connect to the internet full time. For example, Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and even cars. The next step in IoT is sensor networks to collect, organize and transmit data at scale. So, the IoT will forever change the way we interact with our technology.

2. Blood Biopsy

One of the most deadly medical conditions today is cancer. Many people die from this condition because it is not detected early enough. Normally, cancer is detected by taking a biopsy of the problem tissue and testing it. This happens too late in some cancer cases. To change this, laboratories belonging to Johns Hopkins University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a way to test for cancer by performing a blood test. Using proprietary technologies, they found a way to detect cancer DNA in the blood at the earliest stage of development. This could save many lives and change the medical world.


4. The Loon Project

10-new-technological-inventions that will-change our lives

Internet is now a human need. However, there are millions of people living in Third World countries who have little or no access to it. So, to fix this, Google created a technological system known as Project Loon. In this, specially designed balloons are released into the stratosphere and act as an airborne Internet transmitter network. They can also be monitored and managed wirelessly. However, regular telecommunications carriers can rent bandwidth and receive Internet access over a wireless spectrum anywhere in the world. This creates Internet access globally.

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5. Cloud Technology

Gone are the days when we had to install a collection of software on our computers. All we have to do today is connect to the internet and log into our Cloud service. Because all the software and data we need to work with are stored there. According to network giant Cisco, by 2020, 30% of all data in the world will be in the Cloud infrastructure. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and wearable technologies, the Cloud will become more accessible than ever before. Using this infrastructure, we can benefit from Information Technology services such as real-time translation, distributed computing and mobile medical diagnosis. That’s why cloud technology is already changing the way we access information around the world.

6. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication – 10 New Technological Inventions That Will Change Our Lives

10-new-technological-inventions that will-change our lives

Driverless cars are already with us. They can move you from one point to another without the need for physical manipulation. However, many people are afraid of them due to security issues. That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the University of Michigan created a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications system. In this way, microcomputers can be installed in cars to transmit real-time data. They can transmit information about their location, braking system and speed to other vehicles around them. In this way, cars will cooperate to avoid accidents. Applied to driverless vehicles, this will increase safety and change the future of transportation forever.


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7. Nano-Architecture – 10 New Technological Inventions That Will Change Our Lives

Conventional physics concepts show that heavy materials are strong and light ones are more flexible. However, nano-architecture turns this around. Thus, engineers can create microscopic lattice meshes using tiny materials. Therefore, they can make a lightweight material that is super strong. Engineering universities like MIT and Caltech are researching this new technology.

07. Magic Leap

3D imaging technology has been a subject of curiosity and development for many years. Today it is used for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately, the 3D technology used today makes some viewers sick or dizzy. This reduces the overall user experience. To solve this, a new way of delivering 3D content was created: Magic Leap. It uses a very small projector to reflect light onto your retina using a clear lens. In this way, you can see 3D images that are completely clear and appear in the world you observe. So, Magic Leap will change modern entertainment, engineering, scientific research and medicine.

08. Global Water Desalination

10-new-technological-inventions that will-change our lives

The survival of human civilizations depends on some strategic factors such as the availability of potable water. A total of 700 million people today live in areas where there is no access to clean, drinking water. However, 75% of the earth’s surface is covered by salty, oceanic water. So, to convert this water into fresh water, countries on the ocean coast are using desalination plants. This is a process in which salt water from the oceans is taken using reverse osmosis and converted into fresh water. For example, one such plant is Sorek in Israel. It is currently operating at maximum capacity. Such technologies are being replicated around the world for positive change.

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By Lucas Cleto

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