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Speaking of cybercrime, even American president Trump’s smartphone can easily be hacked today. Because the President; He uses Twitter frequently. And when using it, Android does it via a device. When you look carefully, it is not overlooked that he uses a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. Ministers; may switch to a different device to be protected from these cyber attacks. You don’t have to be an important person to be protected from them.

We all hold our own important information on our devices. Even when we lose even the smallest thing, we can experience big problems. We will talk about cybercriminals, web services, and how to make your computers and smartphones safer. How can we protect ourselves from the hacking of our devices?

First You Must Protect Yourself From Desktop Spy!

The most insecure devices in this regard are personal home computers. Almost all users use their personal computers at home while accessing their bank accounts. They also log into their personal e-mail accounts or shopping sites such as Amazon from their personal computers.

For this reason, your home computers are seen as obvious targets. For this, there are ways to be done against malicious software. Then we will tell you how to remove it from your computers quickly and safely.

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The Most Important Thing Is The Virus Scanner You Use!

You can detect any spying software that infects your computer, thanks to your senses. For example, you may suspect if your computer has started to run slower than usual, or if your internet connection is slower than it should be.

Most importantly, don’t rely too much on your antivirus software. Not every antivirus software is meant to be very safe. To get secure antivirus software, you need to pay a fee of around 30 euros. Examples of this software are Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Symantec, Trend Micro, and F-Secure. If you use the original versions of this antivirus software, it will not adversely affect your system performance.

You Should Use Different Web Browsers!

If you have been exposed to a cyber attack, it has been through a service of your computer or smartphone with a little software. Because malicious software infects very well-known services that people use frequently. If this software infects the whole system, they can manage to fool even the most up-to-date software on your machine. Many security experts reveal vulnerabilities in antivirus software from time to time.

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Cybercriminals add about 100 new viruses to the lists every hour. The personal computers used are among the first targets of this said malicious software. With the right tools, it is possible to get rid of malware. It will always be healthier for you to scan with more than one software on our personal computers. Among this software are ESET Online, SpyBot, and Malwarebytes.

If you want a comprehensive computer scan or you have not been able to remove the infected malware from your system, you can use special malware software. You can use Kaspersky Rescue Disk in such special cases. This software runs separately from your Windows system. It is a Linux system that also scans your system for the latest viruses. Thanks to the software, you can be protected from all malware and malicious software. All you have to do is keep your virus scanner up to date.

How Do We Protect From Malware On Mobile Devices?

On the other hand, mobile devices also have great risks. Features are more open due to the widespread use on mobile devices with Android operating system. Most of the time, you can detect the malicious software that has infected your system by installing special tools. We can say that smartphones have already become the center of all communication. Apart from your photos, bank logins and e-mail accounts, you also provide all your social network access from these devices.

When all this is taken into account, the situation of constant observation of our smartphones arises. However, attackers generally use Android devices in this regard. The Android mobile operating system holds a large slice of the market. The iOS mobile operating system, on the other hand, has a smaller percentage. Moreover, older Android devices are not well protected against new virus threats. Now we will tell you how to be protected for both Apple and Android users.

How Can We Remove Malware From Your Android Devices First?

Malware may appear to be part of an application or part of the Google system. Sometimes even forensic scientists have difficulty distinguishing these programs. However, this type of malware is easily detected.

To detect it, you should observe if there are strange movements on your device. For example, while you are accessing the internet on your device, you are constantly faced with advertisements. Or you constantly receive messages that you do not want. You should also carefully look at whether you can change your application icons or not. If you are experiencing all these troubles, your smartphone may be in danger.

If you suspect such situations; The first thing you should do is to uninstall the apps from your phone. Malware and spyware, in particular, use messages to easily install themselves on your device. You should not click on the links that come with the messages. You should not install APKs on your phone that you do not trust. Even your monthly phone bill; It can show if your device is infected with malicious software. The more data your smartphone consumes, the more troubled you are.

This information is available in the settings and data usage section of smart devices with the Android mobile operating system. If your data differs over time, it means that the software you have installed on your device is transferring data in the background. In this type of situation, the installed spyware is sending your conversations and messages to the hackers. However, this software that have infiltrated your system can also manage to hide the spending information from your system. Data streams between 50 and 10 MB are used for this purpose.

It is possible to protect your smartphone with many antivirus programs. If the software does not find anything on your system and you are still suspicious, you can also perform a manual scan. What you need to do is to install the Network Connections application via the Google Play Store. Thanks to this application, you can see how much internet traffic you spend. You can also see which service is accessing the internet when and where. In other words, it will be extremely possible to detect spyware that wants to infect your device with this application.

If You Think You Have A Virus On Your Android Device, The Most Effective Solution Is To Reset It!

This part is very important. If you could not get rid of the spyware despite all your detections, you should reset your device. But before you do that, you should back up all data on your smartphone. While making a backup, you should not do it in normal ways. The spyware, which may have infected the backups on your device, will leak again after you reset your device and restore your backups.

For this reason, we recommend that you do your backup with the MyPhoneExplorer application. Take backups and reset your smartphone with this app. After returning your device to factory settings, you will be able to retrieve your data and continue using the MyPhoneExplorer application.

Finally, we mentioned that the iOS mobile operating system is more secure. However, it is not at one hundred percent levels. If you suspect the status of your device, you should install the application called G Data Internet Security on the AppStore. And thanks to this application, you can see the malicious software on the device by performing a deep scan.

In such a case, you will also need to reset your iPhone. It is recommended to backup your device only with iTunes software. We recommend using the iCloud app. Apple recommends this for backing up your personal data. In this way, your applications will start downloading automatically after you reset your device. In other words, applications that have been tampered with or damaged by malware will not be reinstalled on your system.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible