1. Photo Printer

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What a problem it was to take a photo years ago. Even getting the second one. It was expected that the flash would burn. Now, almost every consumer has smartphones with good cameras. You can take your photo whenever you want and share it on social media or any platform you want.

However, this situation, as always, reduces the value of some things. Of course, technology makes our life extremely easy. Taking photos has become so easy that the old ones cannot be read. We can take thousands of photos in a much shorter time than before. In fact, we can take pictures and videos as good as professionals, thanks to the smartphones in our pockets.

The worst thing is that; These photos, taken at a near-professional level, are stuck in external disks, environments in the cloud, or on our phone and social media. But in the old days, we had albums that we could put in front of them when the guests came. Here, if you want this, you will not need to go back to the past years. Again, we can solve it by taking advantage of the blessings of technology.


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2. Network Modems

In ancient times, the most important means of communicating with the world were the televisions in our homes. In fact, it was almost a common use area in the house at that time. Nowadays, there are separate televisions in one corner of each house. Today, we are experiencing a similar situation for the internet. When you look around today, you see that there is almost no home without internet. However, there are rooms where the internet does not work in the house. There is no need for a common area for this.

3. Headphone

Yes, it is one of the most important technologies. You can start to see an example of this as soon as you leave your home. Being able to listen to music on mobile media has been a great privilege since the 1980s. In fact, we should not forget the Walkmans that left their mark on an era. You will remember how popular it was.

The Walkman was first introduced in Japan in 1979. Later, it made a sound all over the world, especially in our country. Of course, the quality of the sound has also changed, thanks to the technology developing day by day. However, the headphones that cover our headphones appeared and started to look very pleasing to the eye. The best of these was the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Black model.

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4. Access Point

Using powerline devices is not the only way to expand your home internet network. It is possible to achieve this with other methods. First of all, you can expand your range through the socket. The second is to be able to use an Access Point. Here again, the models of the TP-Link brand come to the fore. With the TP-Link RE360 model, data transfer rates up to 1200 Mbps can be achieved. You can also reach a very good level of connection speed with the TP-Link WR945N model and the access point. It can be said to be a good product with 3 antennas and multiple data connection inputs. In this way, you will not be deprived of HD video and gaming pleasure even in the back rooms of your home.

5. Monitor

Monitors have also shown continuous improvement with technology. And it continues to do so. If we go back years, you will remember tube televisions. Moreover, there were colorless models.

One of them is the Viewsonic product. The XG3202-C 32 monitor model has Full HD resolution. In addition, it is presented with Curved technology. In this way, it invites you to the atmosphere of the game. It also does not neglect to protect your eye health. Especially those who need to spend a long time in front of the computer or those who play games for a long time will understand very well what we are talking about. If you meet this model monitor, you will get rid of these problems thanks to its new technologies.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible