Digital marketing era is changing with Chatbot

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Today , with the development of internet technologies , social and social communication methods, shopping, taking photos etc. There have been many changes and transformations, up to behavior.

In this direction, the competitive environment created by internet-based digital technologies that we encounter in almost every aspect of our lives has forced brands that want to maintain their presence in the market to work together with technology.

Thus, in line with the cooperation of brands with technology, marketing communication methods also change the needs and expectations of individuals who are trying to adapt to the digital world ; It also shaped consumption patterns.

In other words, new needs are created for the individual within the framework of technological transformation.

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“Artificial Intelligence” technology, which has been developed as a result of the changes experienced in information and internet technologies in our age , can be defined as “machine technology that is created entirely by artificial means without benefiting from a living organism and has the ability to act, decide and respond like a human being”. .

In other words , artificial intelligence developed to be used with the internet extension ; In line with factors such as software, service, product, it can be called a programming system that has the right of access within the limits determined by the software developer and provides the initiative to reproduce, answer and solve the questions/problems directed to it within the scope of the limitation determined by the software developer.

In this sense , the operating system of artificial intelligence can also develop its own methods and techniques in order to solve problems depending on a certain subject.

Along with artificial intelligence, there is an “infinite” amount of information belonging to each user in the internet universe.

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This situation, which is caused by the fact that no data is lost on the Internet,

is of great importance for the needs and wishes of each user, which includes detailed personal data in terms of products, brands and services.

Big Data, which conceptually means Big Data, today recognizes the individual personally with the micro-targeting method.


What is a virtual assistant or chatbot?

While the development of artificial intelligence technology allows to communicate with voice and text-based methods, it also pioneered the development of ” chatbot ” technology, which we can also call “virtual assistant”.

Chatbot , which is formed by the combination of the concepts of “chat”, which means “chat” in English , and bots, which are expressed as programs that perform a predefined task , are frequently encountered in messaging applications.

In this direction, one of the most important advantages of chatbots, also called “virtual assistants”,
developed to help people in their social and professional lives with simple algorithms, is their speed and capacity.

While the development of artificial intelligence technology allows to communicate with voice and text-based methods, it has pioneered the development of “Chatbot” technology, which we can also call “virtual assistant” .

One of the most important advantages of bots that can be used to fulfill the task defined by the software developer in an Internet-based environment is their speed and capacity. In this sense, the Chatbot system is usually able to establish a textual communication using the answers created within the framework of a pre-planned scenario.

Chatbots, called conversation bots, have a way of working in instant messaging applications that can answer questions asked of users, search for solutions to problems, offer suggestions and chat with the person in front of them, just like a human.

In this context, the use of chatbot , which is open to continuous development, provides new advantages in terms of digital marketing strategies and customer experience studies of brands .

With the personal virtual assistant, you will be able to do many other operations such as buying plane tickets, shopping, making an appointment with the hospital, with voice or text.

Use of Chatbot in line with marketing communication

Today, the development of artificial intelligence-based systems such as chatbot , the chatbot system , which giant companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook spend a lot of money , appear in many different areas from banking transactions to food orders, restaurant reservations, and health services.

In other words, chatbots, which find a place for themselves in almost every aspect of an individual’s life, can also be used in many areas such as following up work, keeping meeting notes, creating a kitchen shopping list through smart household items associated with the artificial intelligence system.

In other words, chatbots, which communicate through a system similar to the Whatsapp application , which is one of the most popular communication channels of smartphones, affect the departments of companies such as call centers and customer relations, forcing a technology-based transformation.

Within the framework of personalized marketing communication, companies can access the personal information of their target audiences from a large data pool. By systematically classifying this information , artificial intelligence can reach the right target audience at the right time, in the right place, with the right message through chatbots.

In this respect, one of the most common examples of today’s chatbot usage is the ready-made short messages sent by the store to the mobile phones of the individuals while passing by the stores.

On the other hand, you can buy clothes, cosmetics, books, household goods etc. In line with the shopping , the style and needs of the user are determined and in this direction, discount coupons and shopping suggestions that come from brands similar to the user on the same day to be used only for a 24-hour period can be shown as examples.

Market research institute Gartner, which provides support services to its customers in the decision-making process on information technologies , emphasizes that by 2020 , the human factor will increase in enterprises, powered by artificial intelligence systems .

In this direction, it can be thought that the use of chatbots will increase exponentially in the marketing communication process, which is personalized and mostly moved to the digital environment.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible