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A keyboard crammed with individual keys sticking after a spill of dust, food crumbs, and cola is common. At the same time, the keyboard is probably the most important part of a computer peripheral device or laptop. This manual will describe in detail how to clean the keyboard with your own hands, collected from dust, cat hair and other characters, and at the same time, do not think anything.

There are several ways to clean the keyboard, the suitability of which depends on what goes wrong with it. However, regardless of which method should be used, the key is to turn off the keyboard and, if it is a laptop, turn it off completely, disconnect it from the network, and do so if you can disconnect the battery from it.

Clean of dust and dirt

Dust on the keyboard and dust is the most common occurrence, and it can type less from the enjoyable experience. However, it is quite easy to clean the keyboard from dust. To remove dust from the surface of the keyboard – it is enough to use a soft brush designed for furniture, to remove it from under the keys, you need regular (or better – car) vacuum cleaner or compressed air (currently they sell a lot). However, using the latter method, when the dust is gone, you will probably wonder how much.

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Compressed air

Isopropyl alcohol (or cleansing agents and liquids based on it) can be removed, especially if the grease represents a mixture of dirt, hands, and dust, and monitors the light key (touch of dirty tones). But, by no means ethyl, since when using it, the letters and characters on the keyboard can be removed along with the dirt.

Wet and wipe a cotton swab, just cotton wool (although this will not allow access to hard-to-reach places) or a napkin with isopropyl alcohol.

Clean the keyboard from liquids and residues

Even after scattering keys, coffee or other liquids on the keyboard, if it does not lead to any terrible consequences, the key is pressed. Consider exactly how it is. As already mentioned, first of all, turn off the keyboard or turn off the laptop.

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To get rid of the sticking keys, you need to disconnect the keyboard: at least remove the problem keys. Above all, I recommend taking a picture of your keyboard, so that there are no questions about where and what to place later.

To detach the normal computer keyboard, take a table knife, a screwdriver, and try to lift the key at an angle – it should be separated without much effort.

Notebook keyboard key

If you want to delete the laptop keyboard (separate the key), here, for most construction, there will be enough nails: the key will be moved to one of the edges of the corners and the opposite at the same level. Be careful: the attachment process is made of plastic, and usually looks like the figure below.

Once the problem keys have been removed, you can clean the keyboard more thoroughly using napkins, isopropyl alcohol, or vacuum cleaners: in a word, all the methods described above. The keys are for themselves, in this case, you can use warm water to clean them. Then, before adding the keyboard, wait until they are completely dry.

After clearing the last question about how to assemble the keyboard. Nothing particularly difficult: just put them in the right position and click until you hear a click. Some keys, such as a space or enter, may have a metal base: before installing it, make sure that the key specifically designed for it has metal parts installed in the slots.

Sometimes the idea is to remove all the keys from the keyboard and clean it thoroughly: especially if you eat on the keyboard and your diet consists of popcorn, chips and sandwiches.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible