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Android smartphones in this day and age are not only used as a communication tool but also as a medium for having fun. Yes, there are lots of fun things you can do with your Android device, one of which is to prank your friends or those around you with special apps.

There are tons of ridiculous apps out there that you can use to perform mischievous acts, from making bomb sounds to flashing an electric current on your screen. So, here we will review a collection of ignorant Android applications that you must try.

1. Real Razor (Prank)

Want to prank your friends with a different and anti-mainstream prank tool? Then you should try  this, an application called  Real Razor (Prank). In this application, your cellphone can be turned into a hair clipper. In fact, the sound of the hair shaver is adjusted to the original hair shaver,  you know. 

Not only that, Real Razor (Prank) also adds a  vibration feature so that the sensation like shaving hair is felt. How to use? It’s easy, turn on the application and bring it closer to the friend you want to prank like you’re shaving a friend’s hair.

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2. Broken Screen Prank

Want to prank your peers? You can download one of these stupid Android apps. Who doesn’t panic when they drop their cellphone and make the cellphone screen break? Yes, that’s how this prank application works. Don’t worry, this is just wallpaper.

So, you only need to install wallpaper as if your cellphone screen is broken and broken. This application guarantees a wallpaper that looks very real and realistic.

3. Lie Detector Test Prank

Lie Detector Test Prank is a prank application with the concept of lie or truth. So, you pretend to have an application to detect lies by placing your finger on the screen, aka fingerprint.

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Then, you can ask your friend a few questions to tell the truth. However, you can control the results of being honest or lying. If you want honest results, then press the volume “+” button. But, if you want fake results, then press volume “-” button.

4. Motion Fart

Passing gas in public is a very embarrassing thing. Well, what if you prank your friends with this one gas (fart) application? Motio Fart is one of those prank Android apps that makes a sound that’s very similar to the sound of farts.

Put your smartphone behind a friend, just click once and this application will immediately make a fart sound. In order not to be caught, you can also set a timer for 10 seconds, then immediately place the smartphone near your friend. Wow, Motion Fart is really a very unique prank application and it’s worth trying!

5. Ghost In Photo Apps

There’s nothing more terrifying than an astral sighting in the photo we just took. Through this prank application, you can make a ghost appearance on a photo. The ghost sightings are so real, they can even make your friends shudder.

Ghost In Photo allows you to edit any kind of photo by adding ghost sightings in it. This is a very stupid application to prank your friends, especially your friends who “pretend” to be brave or don’t believe in the existence of invisible creatures. Dare to show your courage by trying this stupid and terrible application?

6. Beer Prank

Well, if this one application will make you look like you’re drinking beer from an Android phone. Yes, Beer Prank is a prank application where you can show off to your friends that your cellphone can be used as a glass of beer. Later, Beer Prank will also display animations like beer drinks on your cellphone, you know. 

7. Air Horn Prank


Air Horn Prank is the next prank app that we recommend. If this application has the concept of pranking people by surprising others with annoying noises . Well, the sound produced by this application varies, such as the sound of car horns, and ship horns, to the sound of trains. Want to try the app?

8. Spider on-screen prank

As the name implies, this application will display spiders on the screen of your cellphone. However, the spider on the cellphone screen looks very real and can surprise people! Not only one spider is shown, because you can display more than 2 spiders you know.

9. Crack Your Screen


This kind of application has actually been quite popular for a long time, even since the era of Symbian phones. Crack Your Screen is an application that will give your screen a scratching effect, making it look like it’s broken and full of cracks.

There are three ways that you can choose to make the crack appear, namely by shaking it, touching the screen, or with the help of a timer. That way when your friend borrows your smartphone, the screen will break and crack.

Although the cracks don’t look perfect if you look closely, at least your friends will be surprised the first time they see them. After successfully working, you can immediately return the screen to its original state.

10. Electric Screen HD Live Wall

Like its name, Electric Screen HD Live Wall is an application that will display electricity on your smartphone screen. Not only that, this application will also provide a vibration effect and a stinging sound so that the electric current effect looks more real.

If you are the person who touches the screen of your smartphone, he will definitely be shocked and think he was electrocuted by the electricity coming out of the smartphone. Unfortunately, this application cannot run in a locked state so you must first open the lock screen to activate it.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible