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This time we will review the 10 fastest browser applications for Android. These various browsers are guaranteed to make you feel at home surfing even if you are on an inadequate network.

1. Google Chrome

As the default browser of the Android operating system, Google Chrome deserves to be called the very first on this list. 

This browser has quite complete features with an attractive appearance. If you use Chrome on PC, then you should also use it on Android because all your bookmarks, passwords, and other data will be automatically synced.

2. Firefox

Not to be outdone by Chrome, Firefox also participates in browser competition in the Android realm. Even though it’s not as reliable as a desktop browser, this browser already provides several powerful features such as offline reading and add-ons for gesture control, password management, and ad blockers.

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3. Opera Mini

It seems there is no need for a long explanation about this one browser. Since the Symbian era to Android as it is today, Opera Mini is the most widely used mobile browser because of its features and speed.

Opera Mini will compress web pages so that the loading process will take place very quickly. In addition, the results of the compression will also reduce the file size by 90% so that it can save your internet quota usage. Fast, easy, practical also free. Want to?

4. Browsers

With Browser , you will find it easy to find whatever is needed. Not only that, this application also claims to be able to browse very quickly thanks to its optimization system which is quite effective.

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5. Dolphin Browser

At the beginning of its appearance Dolphin Browser managed to attract the attention of users through the gesture control feature which was still relatively new at that time. Thanks to these features, Dolphin Browser has now managed to become one of the top browsers in the Android world.

Although not as fast as other browsers, Dolphin Browser has a variety of features that are quite interesting. Some of these features include voice recognition, add-ons, themes, and data sharing between Android devices and PCs. Quite complete and useful is not it?

6. UC Browser

If you want an Android browser that can compress data on the server part before sending it to the user, UC Browser is the right choice. Its data-compressing capabilities combine new data and  cached data collected the last time you visited a website, so a second visit can be a huge time-saver.

Apart from its browsing capabilities, UC Browser is also able to accelerate and stabilize download speeds. In fact, you can pause and resume downloading easily.

When the website you are visiting displays a video, you can play the video in a small window at the top of the screen, so you can do other activities while watching the video. Interesting right? Other features such as night mode and Facebook mode are also presented,  you know !

7. Flynx

Flynx is one of the apps we recommend for  browsing  on Android. In its application,  Flynx features speed when opening any web. Allegedly based  on the Androidauthority review  , this application is not easy to lag or suddenly a  force stop warning appears. What’s more unique, Flynx is also available in  night mode .

8. Microsoft Edge

Remember Internet Explorer? Now Microsoft is making an uproar about the use of Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 operating system. Apparently, Microsoft Edge is also available for the Android application market, of course with features and performance that are no less competitive.

There is an InPrivate feature whose function is the same as Incognito in Chrome, namely to  browse secretly without entering the sites accessed into the  history list.

You can also set the tracking configuration  so that sites don’t take advantage of information from  browsing activities to display personalized ads.

9. Brave Private Browser

Another good application for  browsing,  namely  Brave Browser . This is a fairly light application with powerful features. Here, users can enjoy the adblock feature so you don’t have to be bothered by the presence of ads on the web.

Not only that, Brave Browser also ensures security and speed in  browsing. Special again, Brave Browser is able to minimize the use of battery power so that it will not waste battery. How, pretty good,  right ?

10. Ecosia

If you use the Ecosia app, it may feel like using Chrome. Like other browser applications, Ecosia Browser has a private mode  feature with a very friendly interface.

But what’s special about  Ecosia  is not just the features. This is because 80% of the profits from the Ecosia Browser application will be donated to support reforestation activities around the world. So, if you use this application, it means that you have also contributed to the green movement in the world. Great, huh?

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible