You are the boss of your program while exercising online

online sports

Since online workouts are not face-to-face, you can choose to train whenever you want. We are all busy with something. At a city gym, you don’t have to rush out of work and hit traffic to coordinate your schedule with an instructor’s schedule or to get to the gym. Another bonus is that many online workouts include exercises that can be completed at home and that you can do with just your body weight. No more excuses! You are responsible for your fitness.

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How often do you think you will message your instructor in a face-to-face program? When you prefer online training, you can send a message to your instructor at any time. You can do this with an online personal training app, send a text message or call your instructor. You can even get in touch via Skype or if the trainer you are working with has a special application. Being online means that the channels you can communicate with are always open. You will likely find that your instructor is more interested in your schedule because it will be easier for him to routinely check on you through apps.

Access to online sports and expert trainers

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Your instructors no longer have to be in the same city as you in order to work with someone who is an expert in their field online. Whether you’re lifting weights, preparing for competitions or training for a marathon, you can find the perfect personal trainer that fits your fitness goals and needs. 

If we have to give a little advice, we recommend that you use a tripod when doing sports at home. A Heider tripod will provide you with great convenience with its 105 cm foot and both phone and camera holders!


online sports

Although online training requires much more motivation than face-to-face training, your instructor is just a click away. If your online trainer is good, he will often text you to check your progress and make sure you have completed your workouts. Now you really have no excuse to get away from sports!

Now let’s choose one of the top 5 online sports apps and bring all these goals to life!


Walking, running, cycling… It doesn’t matter how you train, it’s important to keep track of your workouts. Runtastic lets you set custom goals, use a built-in GPS to log your routes in real time, and even share your achievements with friends.

Another advantage of the Runtastic application is that you can adapt your routine according to your ability and adapt it to your strengths. Choose from over 190 exercises to shape and strengthen all parts of your body. This app has HD videos for each workout that show you how to perfect your form and get the most out of the workouts. The app also syncs with Apple Music to keep you motivated.

Asana Rebel: Yoga ve fitness

You don’t need to be a “yogi” to use Asana Rebel. This handy fitness app also offers an excellent preparation phase for those who are just starting out on dieting. Instead of bombarding you with annoying notifications, it appears as a green dot on your built-in calendar while you train. You’ll encounter two new workouts every day in the app so you never have to do the same routine.

Whichever app you use, you should make sure you have the right equipment before performing the exercises. For yoga, we recommend you to use the Ravel Yoga block, especially in order not to get injured while entering some poses.

Let’s also give you a hint: The first time you log into the app using Facebook or an email, you will see a screen asking you to “unlock” the premium version. You can continue using the free option by clicking the exit button at the top of the screen.

Nike Training Club

online sports

Nike Training Club is an app that includes exercises for the areas of your body you want to work or fitness goals for 15 to 45 minutes and at varying intensities. Nike Training Club is a free app that offers a large exercise library.

Featuring exercises that can be done with heavy or light equipment or bodyweight only, this app allows you to comfortably focus on your fitness goals. These personalized recommendations are based entirely on your exercise preferences, as the suggested exercises are tailored to the activities you do.

Premium membership offers 4-6 week programs, nutrition and wellness guidance, and new exercise formats for users looking for more ways to stay fit.


online sports

Freeletics is an application with hundreds of exercises designed to use only your body weight as exercise equipment, covering various muscle groups and fitness levels. Audio and video guides offer step-by-step walkthroughs for your workouts.

With the Premium membership, you have access to more advanced training plans, performance analysis, training targets and the “2×2” training mode, which requires only a small amount of training space.


Stop procrastinating and download Sworkit, which stands for “Simply Work It”. Instead of focusing on set workout routines, Sworkit allows users to create targeted workout routines for themselves. Choose from different exercises such as strengthening your muscles, doing yoga, cardio, stretching, and pilates. Then set your workout time and Sworkit will create a random workout routine that fits your workout goals.

Every workout in this app is different, it will keep you fit and never get bored. The premium version unlocks more features like workout variations, workout history, and saving custom workouts for a fully customizable experience.

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By Lucas Cleto

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