Little-Known Useful Whatsapp Tips – Whatsapp, which we use in almost every aspect of our lives, provides convenience to users with frequent new updates. Some Whatsapp tips make the user stand out in chats as well as convenient. Knowing these tips is therefore very important. In this article, we will tell you how to take advantage of them. Remember; In order to benefit from most of the tips, you need to keep your Whatsapp up to date.

Little-Known Useful Whatsapp Tips

Whatsapp Windows App

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There is a very useful Windows application that is not used because Whatsapp is not well known. The application, which can be downloaded easily and free of charge from the Microsoft Store, is more useful than Whatsapp Web. Compared to Whatsapp Web, the application, where you can see the statuses better, follow those who see your own status, and send mass messages, only asks for QR code verification on the first login. Afterward, it can be opened with the computer and your messages are instantly displayed on your computer screen.

Little-Known Useful Whatsapp Tips

Get Your Messages to Your Computer Even If Your Phone Is Not Connected to the Internet

Even if your phone runs out of battery or has problems connecting to the internet, you can reach your friends by using Whatsapp from your computer. You can access this feature of Whatsapp, which is still in the trial phase, by signing up for the beta version. To sign up for the beta version, it will be enough to switch to the “Connected Devices” screen from the Whatsapp application on your phone and select the “Join the multi-device beta program” button.

Dark Mode Shown Among Indispensable Whatsapp Tips

“This feature can be addictive. Do not tell the elderly and children.” One feature to be alerted to is dark mode. Once you get used to this mode, you will not be able to use the normal mode again. The dark mode, which is in almost every application, is also very useful in Whatsapp and very useful in terms of protecting eye health. You can switch to dark mode from Whatsapp > Settings > Chats > Theme.

Indispensable Lists of Useful Whatsapp Tips; Live Location

Whatsapp is also very advanced in sending location. With the live location feature, users can follow each other’s location for 8 hours. The live location sent with the “share current location” button on the location sending screen is displayed to the receiver for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours, depending on the sender’s request. After the live location is sent, it can be stopped by the sender even if the time has not expired.

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Send a Bulk Message

One of the new and useful features of Whatsapp is mass message sending. Although it is a feature open to abuse, Whatsapp has eliminated this possibility of abuse with a restriction. The restriction is: Bulk messages only reach people with your number registered. Thus, you cannot send mass messages to people who do not know you. For mass message sending, you first select the people you want from your list, then a virtual channel is created and the message you send to this channel reaches everyone in the channel. Its use is quite simple. After entering Whatsapp, it is enough to select the bulk message from the top right.

Little-Known Useful Whatsapp Tips

Request Fingerprint to Login to Whatsapp

We wanted to share a tip for security in our Whatsapp tips list. If you don’t want everyone to access your Whatsapp, you can also put the fingerprint on your device on Whatsapp. Thus, a stranger browsing your device will not be able to access your chats. You can enable fingerprint lock from Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock.


Keep Your Favorite People on Top with Chat Pinning

With the chat pinning feature, you can prevent the people you talk to frequently from falling down on the chat screen and pin them to the top. Thus, when you enter Whatsapp, you can see those people at the top and start a chat with them faster. To pin it, just long-press a chat on Android devices and click the pin icon from the top. On iOS devices, just swipe left and select the pin button.

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chat pinning
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By Lucas Cleto

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