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According to a survey conducted in 2019, there are 1 billion 500 million websites in the world. In addition to corporate sites, many people open their own blogs and take place in these rankings. There are 2 million 700 thousand applications in the Play Store running on the Android operating system.

For these reasons, companies, companies, and individual users who now have websites want to get their own Android application.

To make any application in the Android operating system, you need to know the Java programming language and use a program such as Android Studio. The use of Java, which is a popular software language in our country and in the world, is increasing day by day.

Now, let’s learn how to easily develop an android application for those who do not know the Java software language. If you are wondering how to make a free android application for Business and Personal blogs, continue reading our article.

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How to Make a Free Android App?

If you want to make an Android application, all you need is a desktop or laptop computer. We also need an internet connection. We will use a website to make applications without using any software language or program.

1. We are entering the Appsgeyser website.

We go to via a browser on your computer and go to the website Create Now! to create our project for free. We press the button. For those who do not speak English, let’s right-click on the site and say “Translate to URDU” and translate it into urdu with Google translate.


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2. Make the Category Selection.

We need to choose a category for the android application we will create. There are separate options for Personal or Business. We chose the “website” template as we were going to make a personal application. Now let’s continue the construction of our application from the website template.

3. Write the link of your website where you will make the application.

After choosing our category, type the URL link of your personal blog or corporate business and click the Save button. Then choose one of the Blog Types below. You can also change the colors that will be included in the application theme. Then change your Application Layout and finally press the Next button.

4. Write Your Application Name and Upload Your Image.

Select your app icon by typing your publicly visible name into your app. In this section, you can add your own picture with a size of 512×512 pixels. After uploading your picture, click the Create button to proceed and log in as a member to the membership panel that appears.

Then the application will direct you to the HomepageYou can change the features of your program that you do not want in the Edit section. You can also direct your free android application to your e-mail address from the Download section on the side tab. By downloading the application sent to your mail, you can see how your application works on your Android operating system phone .

The website does not currently have Urdu language support, but you can right-click on the website to translate the page into urdu with the Google Translate service and perform your transactions quickly.

For free the program will be stored on the Appsgeyser site for two days. Then, unfortunately, you have to activate the Premium option.

The purpose of this app is to simply create your app and satisfy your curiosity about how it will look on your phone.

For those who want to use the application with the Premium version, you can download your own application by paying $ 25 to the Google Play Store for once.

Create your free android application with the AppsGeyser website and be informed about how your android application works in the future.

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible