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Strategies Advertisers Can Use to Increase Profits in the Android Market. The Apple App Store and Android Market are two of the largest app stores in existence today. Adding to their profusion of persistent apps, they are also each other’s closest rivals. We recently added a feature to successfully market your app in the Apple App Store. In this article, we want to provide publisher app marketing tips to help you increase your profits in the other major app stores, namely the Android Market .

In-app advertising is exactly what it is in today’s world, in the mobile world. Advertisers looking for a way to increase profits are adopting this technology more than ever. Out of all the different mobile platforms in existence today, the Android and iOS platforms are known for their flexibility and richness of the user. Mobile advertisers now use these features to maintain conversations with their target audience.

The Android platform, as you well know, is rich and diverse, with multiple mobile devices and OS versions. Therefore, your app marketing strategy should be such that it is appealing to potential customers and always keeps them engaged with your app.

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Find your target device and/or platform

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In general, advertisers do not want to target Android’s full range of mobile devices, as it will be very laborious and will also be costly. Google enables mobile advertisers to target a particular OS or OS, rather than selecting all platforms at once. The Android app marketer, therefore, has the advantage of being able to decide on the exact mobile device and platform he wants to target and then proceed with his app marketing strategy.


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Make sure the ad loads fast

This is a major point that you should make sure of first to promote your app. Check that your load time is no more than 5 seconds. Otherwise, chances are your audience will get bored of waiting and hit the back or skip button. Remember, your mobile audience is always quite playful and equally demanding. So, do whatever you can to grab his attention.

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Enable users to interact with

Advertising for your app should be such that it helps your audience interact with you, engaging them and encouraging them to come and visit you. The best way to do this is to give your visitors a few options to choose from. Clicking on each option will eventually take them to the same location – the app you’re promoting. Each of these options should also highlight an important function of your app. This will also help them to get the general feel of the app.

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Offer the spectator a prize

As an advertiser, you can drive your audience further by offering a reward in the form of discounts, coupons or even free apps. This will encourage them to keep coming back to you for more. Be sure to highlight this offer prominently, so viewers can learn more about them.


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include different languages

Android devices are available in many parts of the world. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to advertise in multiple languages ​​and not just stick to English. It will also help you reach different international audiences. Of course, before you can actually proceed with this strategy, you need to plan which language to join and how to go about the translation process for it.


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Homogenize your ads on different devices

An obvious problem with the Android platform is the extreme fragmentation of the OS, thanks to the existence of too many devices and OS versions. While choosing your preferred OS versions will prove to be a huge task in itself, it can become a big problem to optimize your advertising on the very diverse mobile devices that Android has to offer. Depending on the size of the screen, brightness, resolution and other related factors, your ad will look different on each of these different mobile devices . Working your way around this issue, however, will give you that edge, as you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience.

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