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Files shared for business purposes from time to time, and high-dimensional memories shared with friends from time to time create the need for a reliable and free file transfer site. Almost everyone has used WeTransfer for such situations, at least once. WeTransfer, like every site, needs alternatives because of its frequent promotions to the paid version, some of its limitations and some security concerns. There are quite a few tough competitors in this category as well. In this article, we will inform you about five free file transfer sites that can rival WeTransfer.

5 Free File Transfer Sites Alternative to WeTransfer


You may not have heard of it before, but it is a free file transfer site and cloud services provider that reflects the service it provides directly by its name. Box’s annual revenue is $770 million. It offers users 150 GB of space in the free package. It has a very easy to use and user-friendly interface. In addition, Box is a trusted and preferred file transfer site for years. 


TransferNow is a site that offers Turkish language support and serves in 150 countries, including Turkey. This is the disadvantage of TransferNow, which has a limit of 5 GB at a time in the free package. Encrypted protection of files and 7-day download of these files are also some of the advantages of TransferNow. Based on user comments, we can say that it provides faster file sending than WeTransfer. 

TransferNow 5 Free File Transfer Sites Alternative to WeTransfer

pCloud Transfer – Free File Transfer Site

pCloud, a cloud storage platform established in Switzerland in 2013, also provides file transfer service. Again, like TransferNow, it gives a limit of 5 GB at a time. pCloud, like WeTransfer, provides data transfer without membership. The company, which complies with Swiss laws, which has the strictest data privacy law, is quite prominent in security.

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pcloud transfer

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere differs from other sites at one point. This site gives a six-digit code and QR code to the sender for transfers without membership. The recipient can access and download the file with one of these codes. First of all, let me state: Send Anywhere gives a transfer limit of 15GB at a time. Send Anywhere, which is a very good security system, is a site preferred by Microsoft, Samsung and General Mobile. Finally, sharing a disadvantage.

Send Anywhere

Google Drive

As you know, Google Drive is a cloud storage platform. However, it also allows file transfer. Offering 15 GB of free storage space, Google Drive also serves with Google assurance. Google Drive, which can be integrated with Google accounts, is a platform where you can both back up your personal files and share whatever you want with your friends. Google Drive, which has a very user-friendly interface, is completely in Turkish. Finally, let me state the following; Google Drive reached 1 million users from 2012 to 2018. Google Drive is also the most useful free file transfer site and cloud platform.

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By Lucas Cleto

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