Best App Killer for Android

1. Green

Often claimed to be the best battery saver app for Android, Greenify is one of the best task killers for Android that doesn’t even claim to kill the app. The app works to identify other apps that drain a significant portion of your battery and then limit the amount of time they can run in the background but put them in a state of hibernation, which improves battery life and Has a slight smoother performance. For users of recent Android versions (Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above), Greenify even comes with an aggressive Doze Mode, which makes Doze Mode features built into Android to be more effective.


Greenify is one of my apps whenever my device starts getting old, which can’t deliver the same battery life as before. Hibernating background apps also prevent them from shutting down your device, which can be really beneficial for low-end devices. The app gives you more control over what apps are allowed to run in the background when your phone is idle and if you have a rooted device, you’ll have the opportunity to give GreenEase more control and improve battery life even further. Greenify is a great alternative to the fact that it lets you blacklist the background apps you want to stop without interrupting the functionality of any other applications.

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2. Clean Master

Next up is Clean Master – one of the most popular task killers on the Play Store that offers a ton of functionality in a small package. The app has a junk file cleaner, a free anti-virus, a private photo vault, a safe browsing feature, a phone boosting feature to clean up RAM, a battery saver, and a feature that lets you clean unnecessary WhatsApp files. provides facility. Frankly, that’s too many features for any one app, which in itself makes Clean Master a pretty useful Android app.


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Clean Master’s app killing feature hides under the guise of Battery Saver which jolts down a list of apps draining battery and gives you the option to hibernate the apps you don’t want running in the background. The app even gives an estimate of the effect hibernating apps will have on battery life, displaying hours of battery life if you hibernate selected apps. You can use this feature to extend the battery life of your Android device, but make sure you whitelist important apps from Settings or you may get important notifications.


3. ES Task Manager

If you’ve been in the Android ecosystem for a while, you’ve probably heard of ES File Explorer. ES Task Manager is an app killer from the same developer’s stables that packs almost all the features you get with ES File Explorer, including a task manager, a cache cleaner, a startup manager, a power optimizer, and an SD Card analyzer included. And much more. What about ES Task Manager (and it’s not that great either) is that you have just a one-touch solution to kill all apps.

While the one-touch solution can come in handy for those who really don’t want to be bothered by the apps that Task Manager closes, it can be a bit annoying for those who just want to kill certain apps. A handy addition is the Startup Manager feature, which allows you to stop apps you use from starting automatically when you power up your device. ES Task Manager is a great option for those who want an all-in-one option to keep their device running smoothly but may not be so great for those of you who like to run in the background But want more granular control.

4. Advanced Task Manager

Another great option for Android devices is Advanced Task Manager which supports devices up to Android 7.0 Nougat. Unlike ES Task Manager, the advanced Task Manager app lists all the apps running on your device and gives you the option to choose which apps to kill to improve the battery life of your mobile. The app even has an ignore list that will allow you to whitelist important apps so that you don’t kill them by mistake.


The app also comes with a virus scanner to rid your device of any malicious files and a clean batch uninstall feature that will allow you to remove relative apps from your Android smartphone with ease. On top of this, the app also allows users to automate the app killing process so that the app can automatically kill selected apps when the device’s screen is turned off, on startup or in the background to keep killing apps on their own.


5. Shut up

ShutApp is another great app that will allow you to quickly close battery-draining apps with just one tap. The app is quite simple to use and is divided into three main sections, which allow you to hibernate individual apps, hibernate CPU when you’re not using your phone, and hibernate WiFi Turn off hibernate settings like Bluetooth and sync, automatically when not in use.


The app’s one-touch hibernation solution puts everything in place to help you save battery and shows the percentage by which you can turn the device on. The only reason the app finds itself at the bottom of this list is the annoying full-screen ads that pop up frequently. The app gives you the option to remove ads and unlock their full potential, so if you find yourself getting annoyed with ads, you can use an in-app purchase to remove them.