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In the era of smartphones like today, the use of instant messenger applications is much preferred over SMS. In addition to the lower cost, the instant messenger also has more complete features than conventional SMS.

But even so, there are still many people who communicate via SMS. Yes, for some purposes, sending messages via SMS is considered more appropriate because not everyone has a variety of IM accounts.

On Android devices, there are usually two kinds of SMS applications. The first is the factory default app and the second is Google Hangouts which is the default SMS app from Google for Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

Unfortunately, both types of applications usually only provide standard features which tend to be boring. Fortunately, there are now various kinds of third-party SMS applications that offer much more complete features than the two applications.

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This time we will review the ranks of the best Android SMS applications that you can download and use for free. What are those?

Best Android SMS Apps

If you’re looking for a great Android texting app, we’ve got some recommendations below. Please read to the end, yes!

1. Messenger for SMS

Not to be outdone by other applications, Messenger for SMS is also here to be one of the best Android SMS applications. With this app, you can use more than 3000 emojis and stickers. Not only that, you can also backup messages and also enjoy the scheduled SMS feature. If you want to know other features.

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2. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is one of the most popular SMS applications today. This application has been available since the beginning of the emergence of Android and always manages to adapt its appearance to the various new Android operating systems.

In the free version you can get encryption features, sticky conversations to mark important chats, and dual SIM support. As for the pro version, you will get additional privacy features, cloud message backup, and various interesting themes.

3. chomp SMS

Although initially less well-known, chomp SMS has now succeeded in becoming one of the top SMS applications on Android. This application has various interesting features such as emoji, passcode app lock, message lock, blacklist, and quick reply popup. In addition, this application also supports Pushbullet and Android Wear.

4. Messages

When Google made Hangouts the default SMS app for the Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system, many Android users protested. The reason is, the Hangouts application seems to make the process of sending a simple SMS more complicated.

Therefore, at the launch of the Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, Google finally released the Messages application as a new SMS application. Besides being able to send SMS easily, this application can also take photos and record audio directly. Not to forget, this application also comes with a Lollipop-style Material Design display.

5. Handcent SMS

Just like GO SMS, Handcent SMS is also one of the veteran applications in SMS matters. Even though it is old school, the appearance is always updated so that it is not outdated. With this application, you can schedule sending SMS to several people at once. This application can also be integrated with Facebook in order to display the profile photo of each contact.

6. Signal Private Messenger

If you want secure communication via SMS, then the Signal Private Messenger application can be chosen. This application will encrypt the SMS sent so that the message is safe from irresponsible people.

In addition to SMS, various attachments or attachments will also be encrypted so that other people do not know. Various custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod have also started using this application to avoid crackers.

7. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is also one of the best Android SMS applications because it has a Material Design appearance. Yes, the beautiful interface is one of the advantages of this application, making it easy to attract the attention of new users.

This application also offers far more features than the default SMS application. Some of these features include floating notifications, quick reply popups, and signatures. This app also supports Pushbullet and Android Wear for those of you who use Moto 360, LG G Watch R, or Samsung Gear Live.

8. mood messenger

Tired of the same old SMS display? Then you need to try the mood messenger app. This is an application that provides various themes as well as special emojis for sending short messages.

Not only can you send text, the article with this mood messenger application you can send video links, GIFs, and even send GPS locations. 

9. Messages – Gather Media

Next, there is the Messages application, which is made by Gather Media, which is also quite good. With this application, you can send short messages without disturbing other applications that are running. In addition, Messages can also be used to send messages in groups.

Then, Messages also has a more attractive theme display, because this application provides a choice of more than 200 themes. In fact, you can also change the appearance to  night mode  to make it darker. Pretty complete,  right

10. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is one of our recommended apps for texting on Android. With this application, you can not only send SMS, but can also send GIFs, images, and even videos.

Not only that, Viber Messenger is also equipped with a video call feature  Well, the video calls that are presented are also quite clear and display images that are quite  real. Interested in trying it? 

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By Lucas Cleto

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