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Today we will discuss various video editing software on PC first.  Keep reading

1. Adobe Premiere

The first application is Adobe Premiere. In this application, you can capture from Cacodemon into several more files, making it easier for you to create titles with a choice of 3 titles. Not only that, in this software you will be presented with a timeline with 99 audio columns and 99 video columns.

Adobe Premiere has a very cool interface and you can directly export videos that are on your hard drive. This application can be used to edit different video files of several different sizes, even with an accuracy of up to 0.01 seconds.

This video editing software has a variety of effects that can be adjusted as desired. This software is not easy to crash, and can work optimally on PCs that have RAM above 4 GB. You can also cut the video on the timeline into 2 parts and also do a time reverse.

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Adobe Premiere supports High Definition video and has an auto-save project feature, 3 video previews, and zooming effects. This application is also the application most often used in broadcasting products because of its complete features.

The disadvantages of this Adobe Premiere software are that the tutorial is very difficult and the license price is very expensive. In addition, this application will not run optimally on computers that only have low specifications.

2. Ulead Video Studio


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The next best video editing software is Ulead Video Studio. This software has an overlay whose role is to combine each claim into one part with a timeline mode that you can adjust to the frame. This software provides a variety of transition models that can be adapted to video needs.

Ulead Video Studio has the ability to process sound such as dubbing and also record sound in a variety of formats such as MPA, WAV, CDAE, and MP3. The output files that it can produce also vary, such as NTSC, DVD, VCD, MPEG, MP4, streaming windows media format, and others.

Overall, this software is able to process and edit videos easily and can provide the best and satisfying results. The most prominent drawback it has is the rendering result, which is still below Sony Vegas, especially for VCD.


3. Sony Vegas Pro


Sony Vegas Pro has an interface for editing that is easier and more friendly. You can simply drop and drag without browsing files to insert video files. This video editing app is also very simple so you can understand all its features without taking too much time.

If you are editing a DVD video, then simply drag the DVD file and it can be processed directly using this application. Another excellent feature is that it can burn edits directly into VCD form. However, the Sony Vegas Pro only has standard effects as one of its drawbacks.


4. Windows Movie Maker


Windows Movie Maker is one of the legendary video editing applications made by Microsoft. Its advantages are that the video output is not too large, can be uploaded to social media or the internet, has a simple and easy-to-learn interface, and can be directly converted into a DVD or VCD via Nero.

Generally Windows Movie Maker is already found on computers that use the Windows operating system in it. The drawback of this software is the video storage process which is very long. You’ll also need to convert the video to WMV before editing, and the animation gameplay is still a bit off.

5. Video Edit Magic


The next application is Video Edit Magic, which is compatible with all Windows operating systems. This application has a lower hardware resource requirement, making it easier to install on various types of computers. In fact, this Video Edit Magic software can also be inserted into a flash.

The drawback of this software is that the layout is arguably less friendly, so it can make new users confused about using it. The features and pluggins are also not very complete, so this software has a very simple transition effect process.


6. Cyberlink Power Director


The next application is Cyberlink Power Director. This software is quite widely used because it has the advantage of good tools for changing effects. The performance it provides is also quite good with multicore CPU utilization.


In addition, Cyberlink Power Director also provides DVD templates, various artistic effects, is compatible with OS Windows XP and above, and has features of using and searching images from Flickr. You can also directly share the editing results online to the internet.


Video Editing App for Android

As previously discussed, video editing applications are not only available for PC or computer, but also available for Android devices. Well, for those of you who like video selfies, here is a list of video editing applications that you can download for your Android smartphone:

1. Viddy

The first video editing application on Android is Viddy. Viddy is actually a video sharing application. However, you can also edit videos that will be shared with your friends easily through this application. Quite similar to Instagram but this is specifically for videos.


2. Magisto


Magisto is an application that can be used to beautify the videos you make. This application is fairly simple, but you can do filtering , trim , and transitions using this application. You can also insert background music or sound effects in your videos.

3. Qik Video

One more interesting video editing application that you can enjoy on Android is Qik Video. This application actually prioritizes video calls, because it is included in the application made by Skype. You can record and edit video calls in this application with 13 color effects that can be used.

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