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For those of you who need a flashlight application on your cellphone, then you can check the recommendations for the flashlight application from us below.

1. Torch Icon – Flashlight

In times of emergency, the only thing you expect from the flashlight feature is a fast and bright way of turning it on. That’s why Icon Torch – Flashlight was created. It has no interface at all, all you need is to press the launching icon which functions as the On and Off button.

That’s it . There are no other adventurous features, it only has straightforward features with the user’s flexibility to put the icon anywhere, such as on the Home Screen, in the notification bar, the navigation bar at the bottom, and others.

The light released by the flash on your cellphone is also at such a bright level. Since there is absolutely no interface, you can’t even do any customization, including the settings menu to set the brightness level.

2. Simple Flashlight

A simple Flashlight is an option for those of you who want an application that is easy and fast to use. This application comes without ads and provides a fairly clean interface, but with quite important and diverse features.

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Intended for emergency conditions, the light emitted by the application is really very bright. Not only that, the light emitted can also follow the SOS pattern on the Morse code.

Also, another unique feature that you might not know you need is the color of the lights that can be changed. That is, this application also functions as a means of festive lighting when you are having fun at a party with friends.

3. Shake Light – Bright Torch

Shake Light is the app you need if you don’t want to mess with your phone screen to turn on the lights. Yes, no touch at all, you just need to shake the device and the light will automatically turn on.

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You don’t have to worry about the lights coming on when you don’t want them, because this app can also detect if your phone is in your pocket, and will disable the lit by shake feature.

You can also adjust the level of sensitivity. If you don’t want the flashlight to turn on when you don’t need it, you can set the sensitivity to a minimal level. On the other hand, if you want the flashlight to light up easily in times of emergency, you can increase the sensitivity level.

To use the features in this application, you will not be asked to give app permissions to the camera or internet section. This application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times and is only 3.5 MB in size. 

4. Flashlight – RV AppStudios

There are many reasons to activate the flashlight on a smartphone. Not only to increase exposure when taking pictures at night, but also as a guide in the dark. That’s why the Flashlight – RV AppStudios application is also equipped with SOS features and a magnifying glass.

The point is, to find small items lost on the floor at night. You can also use it to find items in your bag.

In this application there is also a map and compass feature, you can also activate the flashlight in various ways such as via widgets, pressing buttons, shaking, and even the lights will also turn on when you clapping or clapping.

In its unique and immersive interface, there is various important information such as the remaining battery, the option to activate the shake mode , activate the strobe light effect, and so on. Do not forget, the color of the lamp can also be changed as needed. 

5. Flashlight – Splend Apps

Flashlight – Splend Apps is another app that offers a super-simple interface, but it’s actually not that simple either. After all, at least you are still presented with setting options.

In the settings menu, you can activate a sound that indicates the light has been turned on or off, you can also set the light to turn on automatically every time an application is opened.

The rest, this flashlight interface includes the presence of a menu in the notification bar for faster access, as well as the presence of a widget on the phone’s Home Screen.

6. Flashlight – FreeApps.Mobi

Another flashlight application that can be reliably used is Flashlight from free apps.Mobi, also known as Light Apps Studio. In this application, there is a UI/UX design that is very user-friendly and does not offer any advertisement display at all.

In addition, this application also provides a widget that makes it easy for users to access and allows you to make a gesture in the form of shaking it twice to the side to turn the light on or off.

This application is designed for needs in an emergency, that’s why it can turn on the flashlight even if the device is locked. For example, when you’re lost at night, you can lend your phone to a friend whose cellphone is off without compromising your privacy. Neat, huh ?

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By Lucas Cleto

Psychology student and technology enthusiast, I have some websites in this niche and I always try to bring the most useful and reliable information possible